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Wednesday, 08 May 2024

World Book and Copyright Day celebrated

READ YOUR WAY:  The CPUT Libraries and the Department of Student Affairs celebrated the annual World Book and Copyright Day. READ YOUR WAY: The CPUT Libraries and the Department of Student Affairs celebrated the annual World Book and Copyright Day.

CPUT Libraries, in collaboration with the Department of Student Affairs (DSA), recently joined the global celebration of World Book and Copyright Day under the theme "Read Your Way”.

This annual event is observed worldwide, and it serves as a tribute to the invaluable contributions of books and authors, while also highlighting the importance of copyright protection in fostering creativity and innovation. The World Book and Copyright Day holds profound significance, tracing its roots back to UNESCO's decision in 1995 to commemorate April 23rd as a day of literary celebration. This date was chosen to honour the birth and death anniversaries of renowned authors, including William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, underscoring the universal appeal of literature and its timeless impact on human culture.

At the heart of CPUT's celebration were esteemed guest speakers, dedicated staff, and enthusiastic students, all gathered to partake in a series of enlightening discussions and presentations. Yunus Omar, Library Manager of the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, set the tone for the event, emphasising the importance of reading as a transformative force that enriches the mind and broadens the horizon. Njabulo Maphumulo, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, emphasised the importance of cultivating a culture of writing and storytelling, stressing that it is crucial to create avenues where individuals can share their narratives and contribute to the rich tapestry of literature. Maphumulo also highlighted the critical role of access to books in empowering individuals to chart their intellectual journey. He stressed the need for collaborative efforts, such as this event, to bridge the gap and make educational resources more accessible to students.

There were also insightful presentations by guest speakers, Ntombozuko Bota- CPUT alumna and author of a book: A Seed Grown Into Flower and motivational speaker and Musa Tshabangu- first-year student and author, who captivated the audience with their inspiring journeys and invaluable insights into the writing, publishing process, and importance of copyright. With firsthand experience and expertise, they shared practical tips and financial considerations essential for aspiring authors, shedding light on the intricate path from conception to publication. Musa has authored two books, Decision Making and Koke ngaphasi komthunzi welanga kune skhathi sakho.

Under the adept direction of Regina Sikhosana, Library Manager, Faculty of the Engineering and Built Environment, the programme unfolded seamlessly, providing a platform for dialogue, learning, and inspiration. Janine Lockhart, Scholarly Communication and Digitisation Services, extended heartfelt gratitude to all participants for their contributions and commitment to promoting information literacy as a skill taught in libraries to support learning and teaching, and protection of authors’ copyright and intellectual property in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act.

Ntombekhaya Gwaqa , Marketing Librarian, said the celebration of World Book and Copyright Day was a testament to the institution's unwavering dedication to fostering social cohesion, a culture of reading, learning, and creativity. “Through collaborative endeavours and insightful discourse, it reaffirms the enduring significance of books as vessels of knowledge and the indispensable role of copyright in safeguarding the fruits of human imagination. As we reflect on this commemorative day, let us renew our commitment to cherishing literature, nurturing talent, and upholding the principles of intellectual integrity and cultural diversity.”

Written by CPUT News

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