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Monday, 04 March 2024

International students receive warm welcome

LAUNCH: The Association of International Students was launched during the event. LAUNCH: The Association of International Students was launched during the event.

The Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships Directorate (SIP) recently hosted an informative orientation session for international students.
The event also marked the launch of the Association of International Students (AIS) and provided students with important information to support them on their journey at CPUT.

It included presentations by the Admissions and Registration Centre which, amongst other things, focused on the renewal of study permits, while staff from the Division of Student Affairs and the Centre for Diversity, Inclusivity, and Social Change outlined their services, programmes and activities to students. Students were also introduced to the CPUT BRICS Student Commission.

External stakeholders, including Standard Bank and Momentum Medical Scheme also conducted presentations followed by lively question and answer sessions.

Students were welcomed by Dr Tasmeera Singh, Manager: International Relations, who encouraged the students to interact, learn and take advantage of the opportunities that will come their way.

Thato Masonganye, International Relations Officer for the Central Student Representative Council, also encouraged the students to seize every opportunity to engage with CPUT’s diverse community, both inside and outside the classroom.

“We recognise the challenges that may come with studying away from home but rest assured: you are not alone. Our university is committed to providing you with all the support and resources necessary to thrive academically, socially and personally.”

The second half of the event consisted of the launch of the AIS and Mathias Shimwetheleni, AIS executive member for Bellville Campus, outlined its mission and vision.

“Our mission for AIS is to preserve the fundamental values of peace, love, unity, diversity and democracy.

He said AIS wanted to build sustainable relationships with both local and international institutions.

“Our vision is very straightforward. We really just want to be the ambassadors of our respective branches and the international community at large and, through our actions and the initiatives, we seek to promote understanding and tolerance and unity among all members of the academic community.”

To achieve this vision, AIS outlined some objectives which include: advocating for international students’ rights at the highest levels of the institution; collaborating with various stakeholders to support the universities, vision of internationalisation and fostering social and cultural tolerance among our peers.

“But perhaps the most important one is we're here to support each and every international student, academically, intellectually and socially.”

He extended the association’s gratitude to the SIP Directorate for organising the event.

Dr Elma Maleka, Research Uptake. Manager at SIP, thanked all internal and external stakeholders for their contributions to making the day a success.

Written by Ilse Fredericks

Email: Frederickskennediji@cput.ac.za