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Wednesday, 06 December 2023

Three students shine in international competition

TALENTED TRIO: Laikyn Julies, Inge Botha and Krystle Williams impressed with their entries. TALENTED TRIO: Laikyn Julies, Inge Botha and Krystle Williams impressed with their entries.

A creative Architectural Technology and Interior Design student has been announced as one of the winners in an international design competition while two other students received honourable mentions.

Laikyn Julies won the Interior Design - SPA / Fitness / Wellness category of the BLT Build Design Awards 2023 for her entry titled: Salvia Medical Clinic.

The awards ceremony was recently held in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Inge Botha received an honourable mention for her "Primary Care Clinic" design in the Interior Design category and Krystle Williams received an honourable mention for her "Good Hope Primary Care Clinic" design in the same category.

Laikyn, who hails from Ottery, said she was humbled and honoured to be selected as one of the winners.

“At first I didn’t realise how big this achievement was, but the look on my mom’s face made this achievement every more heart-warming.”

She described her entry as follows:

“My design called the Salvia Medical Centre was designed to offer solace amid the challenges of the 2020-2021 COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare workers and patients alike experienced anxiety, exhaustion, and post-traumatic stress during this period. To combat this, the clinic aimed to create a safe and welcoming environment. Private examination rooms and collaborative spaces struck a balance between safety and social interaction.

“Biophilic design principles inspired the incorporation of natural elements, including colours and materials reminiscent of the salvia plant's health benefits. A soothing palette of pale greens akin to sage promotes tranquillity. Earthy curves and timber slats add a natural touch. Blues accentuated wayfinding and staff areas, while patient examination rooms featured vibrant South African wallpaper, mirroring salvia's seasonal flowering hues, providing visual variety.”

She thanked senior lecturer, Colleen Cocotos for her support.

“She has helped out with material as well as sent links and information to aid us in our design and has even gone as far as taking time from her weekends to assist and critique our designs, in order for us to receive personal attention so that we receive the best possible mark. And for that I am truly thankful.”

Inge said she felt extremely honoured to have received an honourable mention.

“The concept behind the design, logo and name of Coastal Primary Care Clinic was inspired by the well-known coast found in the Western Cape. The Western Cape is widely known for its coast and famous beaches set up all around, where the locals as well as tourists go to relax during the summer or even during winter. To South Africans as well as to people from all over the world, the ocean is a powerful symbol. It is a symbol of calmness, hope and life.”

Krystle said she felt proud of her design and “truly grateful” for being recognised in an international competition.

Describing her entry, she said: “My design is a proposal for the renovation of a primary care clinic in the Western Cape. My focus was creating a welcoming environment for both the patients and staff. My design language included curved lines and access to daylight to keep the space feeling open and inviting. I placed special attention on incorporating Biophilic Design principles through my use of materials, graphics, and material choices.

“My design represents inclusivity. I achieved this by ensuring that wheelchair users and children are able to access all areas of the clinic. I specified chairs and exam beds that could accommodate Bariatric patients. I aimed to create a clinic where all patients could feel welcome and at ease.”

Cocotos who attended the ceremony in Switzerland, said: “I am truly proud of Laikyn, Krystle and Inge’s achievements in the BLT Awards. These Awards do not only honour students but also recognise the best industry design work. It was an honour to be a part of the awards ceremony and to present the winning projects to selected industry partners.”

Head of Department, Rayner Moodley, commended the students’ achievements,

“Our students' success in the BLT Build Design Awards 2023 is a testament to their exemplary talent and dedication. I commend Laikyn Julies, Inge Botha, and Krystle Williams for their outstanding achievements, reflecting the high standard of excellence within our department. These accolades reinforce our commitment to nurturing innovative and skilled professionals in architectural technology and interior design.”

Written by Ilse Fredericks

Email: Frederickskennediji@cput.ac.za