Wednesday, 03 August 2022

Director accepts nomination for THENSA position

NOMINATED: Louis Mapatagane NOMINATED: Louis Mapatagane

The Director of Institutional Planning, Louis Mapatagane, has accepted a nomination to serve as the chairperson of the Performance Indicators Task Team of the Technological Higher Education Network South Africa (THENSA).

Mapatagane, who joined CPUT about 14 months ago, said he was excited about the nomination as it strongly aligned to the vision and mission of his department as well as CPUT’s Vision 2030 strategic objective – Smart Engagement and Strong Links with Quintuple Helix Partners.

“This position will also assist with developing and maintaining on-going performance indicator (KPI) and external benchmarking analysis to support and inform the university's strategic objectives. It is indeed an honour, for both the CPUT and myself.”

As the chairperson, Mapatagane will be responsible for collating and compiling the Performance Indicators Profile on an annual basis by THENSA to indicate how the member institutions as a distinct institutional type are performing.

The reports are based on audited institutional data as submitted to the Department of Higher Education and Technology (DHET) under the Higher Education Management Information System.

Part of the responsibilities will involve the Graduation Employability APP. The purpose of the Graduate Employability APP is to gather retrospective feedback from graduates regarding their current employment activities and learning experience across the THENSA member institution.

“This will inform the quality assurance processes of qualifications by providing an overview of the employment status or actual academic articulation of qualifications. In addition, CPUT can draw insights into how university services may be improved by strengthening support to students and graduates.”

Written by Ilse Fredericks