Thursday, 05 May 2022

Overcoming barriers in the workplace

INFORMATIVE: The Disability Unit presented a successful workshop. INFORMATIVE: The Disability Unit presented a successful workshop.

The Disability Unit recently presented an informative webinar titled: Overcoming Barriers in the Workplace.

The presenters were the Unit’s Dr Amanda Ismail (Head of Department) and Lillian Fortuin and the main aim was to raise awareness about the topic.

The Unit strives to empower and support students with disabilities to reach their full potential in an inclusive academic environment.

“This is a webinar within the final year experience programme, which aims to prepare students for life after CPUT. In addition, it is also done to provide disability awareness and sensitisation,” said Ismail.

The webinar highlighted some of the barriers, including physical barriers such as not having ramps or lifts, as well as some of the common attitudinal barriers people with disabilities face in the workplace, including focusing on a person’s disability rather than their abilities.

It also discussed some of the barriers people with disabilities face when seeking employment such as inaccessible work premises and work tools and lack of structured support for young people with disabilities when making the transition from school to work.

Guidelines for people with disabilities to overcome these barriers were provided as well as tips for employers on how to overcome these barriers.

These include equipping managers with tools and resources to support individual needs and making reasonable accommodation and accessibility a priority.

Written by Ilse Fredericks