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Tuesday, 09 November 2021

Students raise funds in aid of feline friends

HELPING HAND: The funds raised were donated to Aid4Paws. HELPING HAND: The funds raised were donated to Aid4Paws.

Emergency Medical Care students recently made a donation to Aid4Paws, a non-profit organisation that takes care of the cats on the Bellville campus.

Lecturer Roxanne Maritz said students raised R2 000 for the organisation by going door to each residence and asking students to donate to the cause.

“As Bachelor of Emergency Medical Care students, we have primary health care as a subject that ensures that people and animals receive comprehensive care – ranging from promotion, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care.”

She said the module requires students to do something for the community and Aid4Paws was selected.

“The non-profit organisation feeds and sterilises cats. Additionally, they also deflea and deworm cats regularly and take sick cats to the vet. All cats on campus have received their rabies vaccinations and all other vaccinations are up to date.”

Maritz said the cats play a vital role on campus.

“They are there to keep our residences and classrooms free of rodents and snakes. CPUT is as much their home as ours and they play an important role in our ecosystem. It is important that you do not feed the cats human food as this will entice them and they will come into your rooms looking for the food. The cats are being fed cat food by Aid4Paws so they will not go hungry.”

*If you see any sick or injured cat or kittens on campus, contact one of the Aid4Paws members (072 7322 461).

Written by Ilse Fredericks

Email: Frederickskennediji@cput.ac.za