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Friday, 03 September 2021

Vaccination Centre reaches 7500 mark

VACCINATE: Staff and students are encouraged to get vaccinated. VACCINATE: Staff and students are encouraged to get vaccinated.

The CPUT Vaccination Centre was set to reach a new milestone yesterday – 7500 vaccines administered.

The centre, which is based at the Richard Sacco Building on the Bellville campus, opened its doors in June.

“We are of course excited about reaching over 7500 vaccinations but what is more exciting is seeing our students starting to arrive and taking up vaccinations. We aim to get to 500 vaccinations a day by 13 September and are already averaging between 200-300 per day at the moment,” said Vaccination Manager, Benjamin de Waal.

“The centre has been a very big team effort from the outset with more contributions than we could mention, from small things like cleaning staff always making sure that hand santisers are filled, to security staff ensuring that clients know where to go, answering their questions and even assisting them to register on the EVDS, to staff and students assisting with data capturing and observation,” he added.

 “And then of course campus health and health faculty academics who are giving their time to assist with vaccinations. This has been a true demonstration of just who the CPUT community is and what we stand for. Everyone who has assisted at the centre, in whatever way, has been a part of changing the lives of our staff, students and local community, bringing hope and saving lives. We cannot thank them enough.”

He said that since the centre opened to all adults, the demand for vaccination has been high with many CPUT students, younger staff members and youth from the public coming to the centre to be vaccinated.

“There has been a tremendous uptake, which has been wonderful.”

Staff members and students who have not yet been vaccinated are encouraged to come to the centre. They can register on the OPA and they will be booked an appointment or can just walk in at the centre or any other centre and they will be assisted. 

For any questions please contact the centre at vaccinationcentre@cput.ac.za or 021 959 4511/12.

Written by Ilse Fredericks

Email: Frederickskennediji@cput.ac.za