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Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Tackling alcohol and substance abuse

AWARENESS: The webinar held earlier this month kicked off the campaigns. AWARENESS: The webinar held earlier this month kicked off the campaigns.

The Division of Student Affairs has embarked on a series of campaigns to help address alcohol and substance abuse and the social ills caused by it.

The initiative kicked off with a virtual dialogue held earlier this month, which was attended by 107 students and staff members, according to Student Development Practitioner,  Anette Grobler.

The panel members were Jerry Mboweni, certified life coach on addictions, Motshabi Nkoane, National Department of Social Development, Nonkosi Tyolwana, CPUT Transformation Unit, Chumani Mashwanyela: residence coordinator, Kwena Mapuma, a peer educator and Amajita Men’s Programme representative and Ditebogo Manana, National Department of Social Development.

“The use and abuse of substances have become a national and international health and mental health crisis, including in the higher education setting. We know that alcohol and substance abuse have far-reaching consequences for both users and non-users, as it directly impacts all facets of psychosocial and socioeconomic domains,” said Melanie Marais, Head of the HIV/Aids Unit.

The main objectives of these campaigns are to create awareness of:

  • The use/abuse of alcohol and drugs on campuses and residences.
  • When the use of alcohol and/or drugs become abuse
  • The risks that go along with the use/abuse of substances and when and where to seek assistance.

Students and staff are encouraged to join this campaign titled: #BeWise.

Some of the planned activities include:

  • Virtual exhibition 1 to 16 June.
  • Slam poetry 1 to 5 June.
  • Debate: For or against alcohol on campus? 26 to 29 July.
  • Discussion groups 30 to 31 July and 13 to 14 August.
  • When is enough, enough?
  • When to seek help and more.
  • Psycho-education sessions July to September

Should you be struggling with alcohol and/or substance abuse, contact Student Counselling via email at Student-counselling@cput.ac.za or the Higher Health 24hour Mental Health number 0800363636.

Written by Ilse Fredericks

Email: Frederickskennediji@cput.ac.za