Wednesday, 17 March 2021

CPUT health workers grateful for vaccinations

VACCINATED: The first group of CPUT health workers have been vaccinated and are sharing their stories. VACCINATED: The first group of CPUT health workers have been vaccinated and are sharing their stories.

The first group of CPUT health workers to be vaccinated against Covid-19 have expressed their gratitude for being part of the “ground-breaking process”.

Some of the members of the group of 20, which consisted of 18 lecturers in the Department of Nursing Science and two professional nurses from  CPUT Health Clinics and the HIV/Aids Unit, shared their stories after being vaccinated at Groote Schuur Hospital last Thursday.

The Department of Nursing Science’s Dr Rugira Marie Modeste said the injection was like any other injection, “stings a bit, then it was over, but not before my picture was taken”.

“By the grace of God, I did not get any complication, and nobody had such [an] unfortunate experience while I was there. This was an exciting moment. It made me realise how fortunate we are to live in this time where science has advanced and works for the better health of people around the world. I reflected on those that have succumbed to Covid-19, and made me wish and send a prayer that we get to reach a time when dying of covid-19 is as rare as dying of one of those ancient diseases. This gave me hope and excited me.”

The Department of Nursing Science’s Lwandile Tokwe admitted that even as a professional nurse, he was initially scared, but it turned out to be a positive experience.

“When I got to the vaccination station, the vaccinator (Registered Nurse) was very friendly and she explained all the steps, explained the side effects that may occur and the site that will be used in administering the vaccine and the reason why. Just by hearing that, I immediately felt at ease and it reminded me why I wanted to be vaccinated in the first place. Me being me, I requested to see the needle just before she administered the dose and I told her to go ahead.”

He waited for 15 minutes inside the station to be observed for possible side effects and Tokwe said that during that time, he didn’t experience any side effects.  

“It was a positive experience and I'm grateful to be amongst the first CPUT staff to be vaccinated. “

Here are what some of the other CPUT health workers had to say about the experience:

Avril Sampson (CPUT Health Clinics): “This is a wonderful experience to be part of this ground-breaking process. The whole process was done smoothly and efficiently. This really eases any trepidation or fear one experiences prior to the vaccination".

Siphesihle Hlophe (Department of Nursing Science): “We arrived at Groote Schuur Hospital and the staff were so welcoming. To my surprise, our names were already there and were submitted by Prof Jooste (HOD of Nursing Science). In a way, I felt like a VIP during the process".

Chumani Nyezi (Department of Nursing Science): “I was attended by a lovely paediatric doctor and had the opportunity to converse with her and her assistant. I had to be with them for about 15 minutes as they had to wait for the next batch to be opened and prepared. She saw that I was anxious when I arrived at their station as I just took off my jacket and prepared my left arm. I was made comfortable through the conversation and I relaxed.”

Siya Maila (Department of Nursing Science): "The process went smoothly, everything was well coordinated. Marshalls and health workers were very friendly and helpful".

Written by Ilse Fredericks