Tuesday, 20 October 2020

New chill spot elevates student experience

TIME TO CHILL: The new chill spot on the Bellville campus TIME TO CHILL: The new chill spot on the Bellville campus

A new chill spot on the Bellville campus will provide students with a space to take a relaxing break to enjoy their lunch, watch a big sport match or simply chill.

Located behind the Student Centre, the chill spot is expected to be ready for use in November and will have high-speed internet, picnic benches, specialised 55-inch media screens and electric power points for devices.

The plan is to roll-out the concept to all campuses.

“The concept is to promote more living and learning spaces on our campuses with an enhanced experience of university life,” said Phillip Chibvuri from the Residence Commercial Services Unit.

The spot also provides shelter for shuttle users and is directly opposite a shuttle point.  

“Students can have some lunch, listen to some campus radio, watch big sport games, check their shuttle times on the screens and just chill in general”, he added.

The screens will air a variety of content, mainly consisting of edutainment.

“This very concept will assist in providing our students with places they can relax and discuss all their experiences in a safe and convenient environment.  After all, students need to ‘chill’. This is a step in the direction of creating hubs for our students for positive development and experience at our beloved CPUT”, said Johnny Basson, Business Manager: Residence Commercial Services Unit.

Chibvuri added: “The chill spot concept strives to ensure a product that is memorable and enhancing to the student experience at our Institution.  It is part of the residences enhancement and experience programme, which seeks to promote interaction, sense of belonging, recreation and  convenience in the development of a fully baked  graduate while at the same time promoting  sustainability  and viability for the institution.”

Written by Ilse Fredericks

Email: Frederickskennediji@cput.ac.za