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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Apply now for exciting Advanced Diploma programmes

APPLY NOW: The deadline for applications is looming. APPLY NOW: The deadline for applications is looming. Imraan Begg

Interior Design and Architectural Technology Diploma graduates have just days left to apply for the new Advanced Diploma programmes in Interior Design and Architectural Technology.

The programmes, which were implemented this year, are offered in parallel and through a blended methodology including online, office-based, and on-campus learning settings. This learning design is based on a six-year pilot project with Open Architecture through which the part-time BTech in Architectural Technology was offered from 2014 to 2019.

“The flexible learning methodology is driven by the need for transformation and to accommodate a diverse student body, including recent diploma graduates, returning students, and practitioners wishing to upgrade their qualifications. These programmes replace the respective BTech degree programmes and they are offered at the same NQF level, namely 7,” said Jolanda Morkel, Coordinator of the Advanced Diploma in Architectural Technology.

The first on-campus block week took place in February. Interior Design and Architectural Technology students engaged in exciting learning interactions including a city walkabout, attending presentations offered by expert practitioners and a group project that culminated in a public exhibition in the gallery of the Cape Institute for Architecture.

“Soon after the students returned to their respective workplaces, COVID-19 struck! The world as we knew it, disappeared overnight. The pivot to online learning was no longer a choice but a necessity. The world over, universities were forced to adopt Emergency Remote Teaching strategies,” said Colleen Cocotos, Coordinator for the Advanced Diploma in Interior Design.

“However, except for a mandatory pause in the academic programme to allow the University to put student support mechanisms in place, the Advanced Diploma students hardly missed a beat! The blended learning design has proven to be future-proof,” she added.

Students can graduate in two years, whilst working. Synchronous and asynchronous learning activities are supported online and through office-based mentorship. Students are only required to take time off from work for four one-week blocks during the year. These block weeks are conducted on-campus or online, depending on the circumstances, including social distancing requirements in response to the COVID19 pandemic. This means that students may enrol for the Advanced Diploma programmes from any province, and even from a neighbouring country or from abroad, provided they can attend the compulsory block weeks, either on-campus or online.

Applications for the 2021 academic year close on 23 September 2020.

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Written by Ilse Fredericks


Provides coverage for the Health and Wellness Sciences and Informatics and Design Faculties.