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Friday, 10 July 2020

Striving for excellence in residential services

ACCOMMODATING: CPUT continues to improve residential services ACCOMMODATING: CPUT continues to improve residential services

The Residence Business Unit is continuing its drive to improve residential services to students within the bounds of lockdown protocols.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on plans for 2020, the Residence Management team says it remains dedicated to providing excellent service and enhance the image of CPUT residences.

The Residence Business Unit’s Phillip Chibvuri said some of the projects currently in progress are:

  • The replacement of beds and mattresses, which began in late 2018. To date, CPUT has replaced almost 60% of beds and mattresses. The next batch of 1 000 is expected between July and December and speeds up the roll-out of the three- year planned project.
  • Since the start of this project in 2018, more than 3 000 leased beds have been added to the residence system seeing the university accommodating 38% of its total student population compared to 29% in 2019.  The target by 2021 is 40% and with the current pandemic, CPUT is assessing the appetite as the impact of Covid-19 may change demand and supply trends.
  • The recently refurbished Freedom Square will see a revamp and replacement of all its student rooms study chairs while a first of its kind wall mounted foldable desk for space management will be installed in the second semester.

Residence Business Manager Johnny Basson said: “We are on a path to creating sustainable systems and enhance the image of CPUT residences and our living and learning spaces. The task requires embedding a culture of sustenance, cost outlook, preservation of infrastructure and behaviour from both students and the immediate staff. We are striving to rebrand the CPUT residences and its systems to provide a conducive environment for stimulating ideas and have these spaces be a hub for growth in many disciplines of our future graduates as is the purpose of an institution of higher learning”.

Written by Ilse Fredericks


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