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Friday, 26 June 2020

Mountain fall motivates graduate to excel

Mieshka Dollie’s life flashed before her eyes when she slipped while on a hike on Lion’s Head at the end of January and fell 13 metres. 

She woke up on a path with a head injury, unable to move and with the taste of blood in her mouth.

“It was then when all this pain started coming through my body, my whole body was in an excruciating amount of pain,” said the student whose story made headlines across the province.  She was airlifted to an ambulance and then to the hospital where she was operated on immediately.

Just a few months after the life-changing fall, she graduated yesterday during the university’s first-ever digital graduation ceremony.

Mieshka was awarded a Diploma in Information Communication Technology: Applications Development and is currently completing her BTech but has already set her sights on earning her doctorate.

“My future plans right now, even with the pandemic, is to receive my Doctorate in Information Technology and work part-time. I’m not done achieving. I am always hungry to learn and experience new things. My dream is to have my own business and give back to the community.”

While she has been left with some scars, she has recovered well from her injuries and says the experience has taught her not to postpone things.

“Understanding urgency is a game-changer. Don’t postpone anything that is important to you. Express your love for things, for people with greater frequency and maximise every opportunity to appreciate those around you.”

Mieshka, who grew up in Crawford, Cape Town said she was grateful for the bursary she received from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, administered by StudyTrust, which took the pressure off her and her parents.

“My dad was diagnosed with an eye disease called Retinitis pigmentosa and the disease is incurable. That meant my dad would eventually lose all sight and that would leave my mother to be the breadwinner of the family. And what a woman she is – she never lets anything get her down and she always made a way for me and my siblings to have everything in life.”

She thanked the IT Department’s Daphne O’ Brien, who she called "a guardian angel".

Written by Ilse Fredericks


Provides coverage for the Health and Wellness Sciences and Informatics and Design Faculties.