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Thursday, 30 April 2020

Accommodation providers bolster food drive

KINDNESS: Accommodation providers are distributing food parcels to students in their buildings. KINDNESS: Accommodation providers are distributing food parcels to students in their buildings.

Accommodation service providers are lending a helping hand to students remaining in leased residences by providing them with food parcels.

South Point, one of the biggest providers, has collaborated with the Gift of the Givers Foundation to secure food parcels for students who remain in South Point buildings during the national lockdown. This includes students who are self-funded as well as students who receive NSFAS or other funding and in addition to a food parcel drive initiated by the Department of Student Affairs.

Another large service provider, Park Central, has been offering students in its various buildings food parcels since the early days of the lockdown.   A weekly parcel is given to replenish students’ supplies.

More leased accommodation service providers are pledging to come on board and assist students.

 “We are grateful for the selfless work being done by our service providers, which goes a long way in ensuring students’ needs are met. They are displaying a huge measure of corporate responsibility which we welcome and encourage such gestures to continue post this period as we all have a common goal to serve our clients, (the students) in both good and bad times, “said Phillip Chibvuri, residence finance specialist in the Business Unit.

The Business Unit will continue to work with stakeholders to ensure students receive the necessary support in all spheres of operations. One of the service providers, Student Junction, is scheduled to start providing aid to students in their buildings from today (April 30). 

“More discussions are underway to negotiate business terms with these accommodation providers to reach mutual grounds post the lockdown as new risks will emerge and financial impacts will be felt. We are pleased all our service providers are willing to come to the table to craft and draft ways to reduce any adversities," added Johnny Basson, the business manager in the Business Unit.

Written by Ilse Fredericks

Email: Frederickskennediji@cput.ac.za