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Tuesday, 03 March 2020

Fulbright grants for international opportunities

The Applied Sciences Department hosted Fulbright Scholarship specialist and grant advisor Rajgopal Sashti for three days with the aim to entice the brightest students to apply to its United States based learning spaces.

Sashti said he came to CPUT to enhance international opportunities through fellowships and grants for motivated staff and students. He told the audience, which included both staff and students, that he wanted them to apply for funding to study and travel abroad to broaden their prospects. “I am here (South Africa) to help students and institutions that are not in the privileged pedigree to secure external funding through the Fulbright programme to study, travel and conduct research in the US (United States).

“I am here to talk best practises, methods, techniques, approaches, and strategies to secure Fulbright fellowships for students and professors. The message to you is that you must have a passion for what you want to achieve to get the fellowship. CPUT must make sure that overseas studies are one of their top priorities.”

Following his oral presentation, he offered application lessons while he also opened another session for answers and questions. Sashti’s areas of interest include fundraising, collaboration and promoting mutual understanding between the US and other countries.

Bongisiwe Zozo, a Masters student in Chemistry, said the meeting was inspiring, informative and Sashti’s method of delivery was so easy to receive. “I really appreciate the insights that were provided for obtaining the Fulbright Scholarship.”

Department of Food Science and Technology Lecturer, Vusi Mshayisa said: “The session was interactive, vibrant and helpful as it has illuminated more on the opportunities available for staff and PhD candidates. I am glad I attended the session and I will be sharing the information learned [here] with my students.”

Prof Charles Laubscher, Head of Department of Horticultural Sciences said: “It is important that we get more exposure to international scholarships like Fulbright. The way he presented it was very motivational to both students and staff.”

South Africa has been apportioned 15 to 20 scholarships which can vary from year to year, depending on US Government financial plan distributions.

Written by Aphiwe Boyce