Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Embracing Excellence at CPUT

ONE SMART CPUT: The annual Staff Welcoming Event was held on the Bellville campus. ONE SMART CPUT: The annual Staff Welcoming Event was held on the Bellville campus.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Chris Nhlapo has challenged staff members to scale up excellence and to work with him to take CPUT into the next decade.

Addressing hundreds of staff members at the annual staff welcoming event, Nhlapo made a clarion call for leadership to be manifested across all levels of the institution and for all staff members to contribute to one smart CPUT.

“Your title doesn’t matter, Show leadership in your space. Every single teammate is the CEO of their own entity, their own department, their own unit called their job.”

He said that at last year’s event he remembered feeling that a spirit of regeneration and energy was starting to flow.

Nhlapo highlighted some successes over the past year. These included:

  • Securing the District Six Campus with ClearVu fencing
  • The instalment of a cutting edge intelligent CCTV system
  • The refurbishing of Freedom Square
  • The recapitalisation of the fleet
  • New state of the art floodlights for the Bellville Stadium.

This year the institution would continue to focus on four areas: maintenance backlogs, student housing, facilities upgrades and consolidation of faculties and departments.

Nhlapo thanked staff for their hard work and introduced new senior management team members who will help to ensure that business continuity in key areas ensues.

“As we enter the new decade there is one particular aspect that I want embraced: excellence. I expect excellence and leadership at every corner. We have to scale up excellence.”

Written by Ilse Fredericks