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Friday, 07 February 2020

Book launched by Digital Research Hub

The African leg of the launch of the book, Co-creating Brands: Brand management from a co-creative perspective, was held on the Granger Bay Campus recently.

Hosted by South Africa’s first Brand and Digital Research Hub which was launched at CPUT last year, the book launch was attended by local business people, academics from other institutions and CPUT staff members.

The book, which is co-authored by Nicholas Ind and Holger Schmidt, was published by Bloomsbury Publishing in December 2019.

Ind is an Associate Professor at the Oslo School of Management and a partner in Equilibrium Consulting, while Holger Schmidt is a Professor of General Management and Marketing at Koblenz University of Applied Science.

During the launch Schmidt took the audience through a brief history of branding as a marketing exercise, and traced it back to ancient Romans who branded their cattle to indicate ownership.

He argued that nowadays brands were co-created as consumers were no longer passive recipients of whatever organisations chose to offer.

He discussed examples of scenarios when brand managers teamed up with consumers to develop certain products such as Simba running a competition in which consumers developed their own flavours and Walkie Talkie Chicken bagged the award.

Chris Du Toit, CEO of Graham Beck Enterprises, handed over a bursary certificate to Masters student, Saskia Schuldig, who achieved the highest marks for her BTech degree in Marketing. Saskia obtained an average of 86.5% for the degree.

“It will be worthwhile for us to support the hub,” said Du Toit during the handover.

Copies of the book are available at R300 each and can be purchased online where buyers could get up to 30% discount when they purchase via the Bloomsbury website.

The hub supports CPUT’s strategic research goals including focusing on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The objectives of the Hub include exploring and developing a pan-Africanist perspective with regards to strategic brand and digital media management.

Marketing Senior Lecturer, Dr Pieter Steenkamp, said the hub hopes to expand its activities to other educational institutions and announced that an opportunity exists for a doctoral student who is registered with the department to spend a year performing academic activities at Koblenz University of Applied Science.

Written by Kwanele Butana

Email: butanak@cput.ac.za