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Monday, 29 July 2019

Tuck into food truck fare

TREAT: One of the food trucks on the Bellville campus. TREAT: One of the food trucks on the Bellville campus.

An array of food trucks, that offer something for every taste, recently pulled up on the various campuses.

The food trucks are a temporary measure while the university prepares an enhanced catering model for the institution.

There are five food trucks on the Bellville campus, four at District Six, two at Tygerberg and one at Mowbray campus. The trucks will remain on campus while the kitchens on these campuses receive a much needed upgrade.

“The trucks have only been here for a short while so we are still in a trial and error phase. We will assess the needs of students and staff and amend what we can,” said the Infrastructure and Facilities Management Department’s Jerome Dreyer.

The Marketing and Communication Department’s Cathy Cloete urged the CPUT community to support the vendors and said they could look forward to several specials which would be advertised on the campuses.

Arrangements are being made to allow students to pay with their Fundi cards in the near future.

Written by Ilse Fredericks

Email: Frederickskennediji@cput.ac.za