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Sunday, 14 October 2018

CPUT Elders share their knowledge

MUTUAL INTERESTS: Vice-Chancellor Dr Chris Nhlapo with former Pen Tech leaders Dr Brian Figaji and Dr Johan Tromp MUTUAL INTERESTS: Vice-Chancellor Dr Chris Nhlapo with former Pen Tech leaders Dr Brian Figaji and Dr Johan Tromp Ilse Fredericks-Kennedij

It is only by reflecting on the past that Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) can fulfill its true potential, this was the basis for a meeting between Vice-Chancellor Dr Chris Nhlapo and a few of his predecessors.

Nhlapo has met with Dr Franklin Sonn, Prof Brian Figaji and Dr Johan Tromp and is expected to be meeting with other previous Vice-Chancellors and leaders of CPUT, Peninsula Technikon (Pen Tech) and Cape Technikon (Cape Tech) in the near future. Nhlapo says seeking the council of those who have come before him strengthens the institution since many of the former leaders had similar aspirations and their mutual ambition continues to be realizing CPUT's full potential.

The first major issue being discussed is refreshing the notion of CPUT being the MIT of Africa. The idea was first touted by Figaji during his term as Peninsula Technikon Rector and saw many useful linkages like funding initiatives and staff exchanges launched with the US based university renowned for its engineering and science programmes.
“We were talking about this back in 2000 and 2001, CPUT being the MIT of Africa is an ambition and we need to relook at what it is they are doing and what we can do to ensure we too become a superb university of applied science,” says Nhlapo.

The second project the group are hoping to restart is completing the comprehensive history of CPUT, extending beyond its official 2005 establishment. The project was started by former Pen Tech DVC Tromp and consists of valuable memorabilia that he had collected over the years. 

The final project will be re-imagining the Dome of Remembrance, situated at the Bellville campus, within the context of the new CPUT.

“I am passionate that we resuscitate the idea of the Dome of Remembrance, It is about acknowledging the staff and students who have helped build this institution. It may be in a different format like being digitised but I believe it’s an important thing to do,” says Nhlapo.
“The slogan of One Smart CPUT is not talking to technical terms it is about the people who make up this place.These are some of the things that made us who we were and some of these things have fallen through the cracks but it is time to revisit them.”

Written by Lauren Kansley

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