Tuesday, 09 October 2018

Busting your thirst, naturally

BEERY CHEERS: Zanephyn Keyser and his successful team of beer brewing students. BEERY CHEERS: Zanephyn Keyser and his successful team of beer brewing students.

CPUT Brewing has done it again, winning the Best Lager award in this year’s SAB Intervarsity Beer Brewing Competition.

This year’s competition was organised by Central University of Technology and the University of the Free State together with SAB. The 14 teams competed in four categories – Lager, Belgian Ale, Fruit Beer and a Winter Warmer. A panel from the greater brewing industry, SAB and Warthogs Brewers Association judged the competitors’ entries.

Our brewing team of three Food Science and Technology BTech students created a lager they called Thirst Buster which beat the rest despite brewing not being extensively covered in their curriculum.

“They are true ambassadors for the Department,” said their very proud supervisor Dr Zanephyn Keyser.

“We went with a Munich dunkel and formulated the recipe approximately a month and a half before the competition, which allowed us to condition the beer in the bottle for three weeks.”

“We created a refreshing beer with a deep copper colour with a red tint and a creamy tan head. Our clean fermentation created a well-balanced aroma, rich, elegant, deep malt sweetness, with a floral, hop flavour thanks to our unique Saccharomyces yeast strain.”

The CPUT brewing team made their debut at the Intervarsity Beer Brewing Competition in 2013 and the next year they used rooibos extract as a key ingredient, winning the Ben Lamaletie IBD Intervarsity Beer Brewing Challenge Floating Trophy, the top honour Castle Lager Best Bru Award and the Carling Black Label Champion Lager.

In 2015 they won Best Speciality Brew (Tipsy Inyanga), 2016 the best Label and last year their Apple Adventure won Best Cider.

Keyser hopes their winning streak will attract attention from the local craft brewing industry who might require laboratory analysis or recipe development to further improve their own product.

Written by Theresa Smith

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