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Monday, 16 April 2018

Graduation fever takes over campus

CLASS OF 2018: More than 2000 CPUT students graduate at the end of this week. CLASS OF 2018: More than 2000 CPUT students graduate at the end of this week.

CPUT’s Bellville campus will once again be a scene of great joy on Thursday and Friday as Autumn Graduation takes over the Major Sports Hall.


Excited friends and family members will travel from far to watch as students are named, capped, photographed and feted. Over the course of two days and eight ceremonies, 2335 students will graduate, 45 with Masters degrees and nine with Doctorates. In total 97 students graduate cum laude while 2 graduate summa cum laude at the last ceremony on Friday at 2pm.

This will be the first time CPUT students will achieve summa cum laude. This is a criteria that applies to Masters students only and it signifies they have received a 75% or above mark from both their examiners.

Acting Vice-Chancellor Dr Chris Nhlapo said graduation marks a personal success that is also a collaborative effort from university staff, parents, guardians, family members, spouses, friends, donors and all stakeholders that should be celebrated as such.

He encouraged every graduate to make the most of their qualification to not only grow their careers but also help develop all spheres of society.

*For more information on graduation check http://www.cput.ac.za/students/about/graduation and you can watch the graduation on the day at http://live.cput.ac.za

Written by Theresa Smith

Email: smitht@cput.ac.za

Provides coverage for the Applied Sciences and Engineering Faculties and the Wellington Campus.