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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Training bolsters nurses’ knowledge

EYE OPENER: CPUT’s Ophthalmic Sciences Department provided training to nurses. EYE OPENER: CPUT’s Ophthalmic Sciences Department provided training to nurses.

A group of nurses have benefited from visual acuity training recently provided by CPUT’s Ophthalmic Sciences Department.

Lecturer Prasidh Ramson said the Department was approached by TASK Applied Science to bolster nurses’ training in three basic screening tests that are important for patients that have tuberculosis (TB).

As a rare side effect which is mostly reversible, TB medication can affect certain components of vision. Thus, vision changes can be indicators of side effects related to the condition. While these vision changes can occur infrequently, the overall adherence to medication is vital in the continued health of patients with TB and others in their community.

“There are some forms of TB medication that, with time, can affect the part of your eye that you use for colour vision. Through testing, we screen to see if any changes have occurred due to the TB medication. If a patient does appear to have colour vision challenges, the dose or type of medication then has to be reviewed by their doctor,” says Ramson.

Ramson led the training and was assisted by his colleague, Michael Jowell.

Michelle Eriksson, site coordinator at TASK Applied Science, said the training had been a valuable learning experience for nurses.
“We would like to thank CPUT’s Ophthalmic Sciences Department for being so willing and supportive in providing this training. Our nurses really enjoyed the interactive and engaging training session and feel they have consolidated their knowledge and improved their understanding and skills in visual acuity training”

Written by Ilse Fredericks