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Monday, 13 February 2017

Academic pens new book

Dr Oscar Koopman, a lecturer in the Faculty of Education, has written his first book, Science Education and Curriculum in South Africa.

The book, which explores the significance of power in the historical development of the physical science curriculum in South Africa, is available in university libraries worldwide and will be published in other languages as part of the Curriculum Studies Worldwide Series alongside other books penned by curriculum specialists.

“The book is an endeavour to come up with new ideas for curriculum development that are more meaningful and appropriate for South African learners and university students,” says Koopman.

“We need more curriculum theorists in South Africa, especially in science education because most of the time we’re looking to the west and Europe for the design and development of curricula.”

He adds that he wrote the book in order to share with the rest of the world locally produced knowledge in science education.

All the chapters but one focus on phenomenology (lived experiences of teachers in South Africa).

“The book makes an argument for phenomenology as a philosophy for teaching in which science teachers can focus more on embracing the use of senses in the classroom.”

After publishing research articles in prestigious journals locally and abroad, last year Koopman decided to pen his debut book.

Printed and published by Palgrave MacMillan in the United States in October, the monograph can be bought online at about R1 900 per copy.

It was edited by the greatest curriculum scholars in the world, William PInar from University of British Colombia, and Janet Miller from New York University.

Written by Kwanele Butana

Email: butanak@cput.ac.za