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Tuesday, 08 November 2016

Examinations update

After receiving input from various stakeholders and conducting a thorough evaluation of all available facts and information, Senate yesterday unanimously decided that examinations should continue.

In certain faculties examinations are already underway and this new decision will allow departments who have completed their curriculum to continue with the final assessment. The main reason for this decision is to allow final year students the opportunity to finish their coursework and eventually graduate on schedule.


Assessments in courses where the curriculum has not been completed, as well as all re-assessments, will still take place in January 2017, after a short catch-up period. 


In order to allow students enough time to study, examinations will start on Monday 14th November and will continue into December. The examination schedule and further information regarding the venues will be communicated from Wednesday evening onward via the CPUT website.


We wish you all the best with your final preparations and the forthcoming exam and once again thank you for your patience.


Written by CPUT News

Email: news@cput.ac.za