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Friday, 04 November 2016

Internet access to students off campus

Below is a list of places where students can access free wi-fi.

Free Western Cape Government WiFi

Free Wi-Fi provided by the Western Cape government. This provides 250 MB per day per month: https://www.goodthingsguy.com/south-afri-can-stories/cape-town-just-launched-free-wifi-heres-can-find-hotspots/

The locations of these Wi-Fi hotspots: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1UViCKRG5-JOD6RNJLsFnIuIkJqg

How to connect:

  • Turn on WiFi on your smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Search for nearby WiFi networks
  • Select “NeoHotspot” and connect

City of Cape Town WiFi

List of City of Cape Town WiFi hotspots

Telkom/MTN/Cell C

Telkom has also waived data costs to help students access educational materials. The following link provides more information:


Students who use Cell C, MTN or Telkom to go online can access university resources for free. CPUT is currently engaging with the service providers to address the institution’s URL.

Alwayson WiFi

AlwaysOn WiFi allows users of certain SAMSUNG devices (bought in the last three years) to access the internet for free (1gig per month) for 12 months. AlwaysOn WiFi is available in most shopping centers around the country as well as McDonalds restaurants, hotels and other public areas. To connect, use the hop-spot find in the link below and go to the nearest hot-spot. After finding a Wifi hot-spot, connect to the network and then open your internet browser. Your browser will open on the registration page where you can register your device for free internet access.

Hotspot finder: http://finder.alwayson.co.za/no-location

Written by CPUT News

Email: news@cput.ac.za