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Wednesday, 02 November 2016

Student funding for 2016/2017

In a recent communiqué from the Department of Higher Education and Training a few important matters regarding student funding for 2016/2017 was communicated. Below please find the decisions reached by government addressing financial aid concerns.
  • All NSFAS qualifying students who were registered in 2016 and meet the academic progression requirements for 2017 will continue receiving funding in the new academic year.
  • NSFAS will pay the registration fee for all NSFAS funded students, meaning they do not pay any upfront fee.
  • In 2017 students from households with an annual family income of up to R600 000 (the missing middle) will have the upfront or registration fee covered by government gap funding. They will therefore be allowed to register without paying registration/upfront fees.
  • All missing middle students with historic debt will be allowed to register in 2017. Universities are required to develop transparent student debt policies for students not covered by the NSFAS scheme.
  • Legitimate, peaceful student protests should be supported and the rights of all, including those who choose not to protest (the silent majority) must also be protected.



Written by CPUT News

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