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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Campus update

Dear Staff and Students

Since our last communication with you things on our different campuses have been relatively quiet and no major incidents of violence or intimidation were reported.

We also mentioned that the General Assembly planned for Saturday 15 October was cancelled since the situation on campus was abnormal. Since then various groups have tried to assist Management in trying to find a resolution to the current impasse. This past Friday a group consisting of the executive committees of Convocation and the Alumni Association met with various student stakeholders in an attempt to find out what it is students want to have in place before normal university activities can be resumed. The outcomes of these deliberations were shared with members of the Management Committee at a meeting held yesterday. One of the principle demands of students is for an General Assembly to be convened and discussions are currently underway to try and finalise the date, terms of reference, rules of engagement, and composition of the various stakeholder groups to attend such an assembly.

Plans to continue with some face to face classes, tests and final integrated summative assessments at the Wingfield Naval Base are at an advanced stage. Once we have finalized the detailed planning we will share these plans with all concerned. We want to thank the many staff members who have worked extremely hard over the past few days to have everything in place to ensure that we will be able to complete the 2016 academic program. Some activities already commenced at Wingfield over the past weekend and will continue tomorrow. Students are again reminded to please liaise closely with their respective departments to obtain more details regarding specific arrangements for their programs.  Please read your student emails since that will still be the primary medium of communication between staff and students. Residence students must please note, that for now, no transport will be arranged from the various residences to Wingfield and they are requested to arrange their own transport.

Staff members will continue to operate remotely off campus and are all reminded to be on standby to assist with various tasks as and when required. Staff are also reminded to please remain in contact with their individual line managers for an idea of how your department will operate during the week ahead.

Finally we want to once again thank all staff and students for their patience and understanding during these challenging times. Together we can successfully complete this academic year.

Written by CPUT News

Email: news@cput.ac.za