Wednesday, 05 October 2016

High Court Interdicts

Dear Staff and Students

You are reminded that CPUT approached the Western Cape High Court previously and obtained several Court Orders interdicting unlawful conduct including violence, intimidation, incitement, damage to CPUT property and vehicles.

You are further reminded that the Court Orders are operative and we urge you not to participate in unlawful conduct on any CPUT campus or residence. Legal steps will be taken to protect our students, staff and property.

The Court Orders are below.

1.      Interdict case number 20313/15
a)      Interim interdict order dated  22 October 2015; and
b)      Final Interdict order dated 17 November 2015

2.      Interdict case number 22016/15
a)      Interim order dated 15 November 2015; and
b)      Final Interdict order dated 01 December 2015

CPUT Legal Department 

Written by CPUT News