Thursday, 11 June 2015

First-ever Convocation for ten year old CPUT

Celebrating: Alumni and convocates gather to constitute CPUT’s landmark Convocation Celebrating: Alumni and convocates gather to constitute CPUT’s landmark Convocation

It’s official – CPUT has constituted its first-ever Convocation. An alliance of the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, the Registrar,permanent academic staff, professor emeriti and alumni, Convocation will play an important guardianship role for the university.

At a gathering convened this weekend, a steering committee was elected to shepherd the fledgling Convocation to its first official AGM in late September, when a draft constitution will be formally adopted. The Vice Chancellor, Dr Prins Nevhutalu, is the acting chair of this body and will remain so until a new chair is elected in September.

The constituting of Convocation is yet another first for the university as it celebrates its tenth birthday. Stemming from the Latin word, convocare, meaning to call and come together, the Convocation is an initiative of the office of the Registrar, Mr Nikile Ntsababa. Speaking at the event, Mr Ntsababa expressed his delight at the establishment of this statutory body, which is one of the key markers of a fully-functioning university.

“We are launching Convocation in a most auspicious year, that of our tenth birthday. Now that this body is up and running, we urge all those eligible to become convocates. This includes graduates of the heritage institutions, Peninsula Technikon and Cape Technikon, as well as retired academic staff permanently employed continuously for 10 years immediately prior to retirement.”

Members of Convocation are beholden to honour the University’s traditions, remain connected and committed to CPUT’s future, and discuss opinions on any matter relating to the University.

Written by Janyce Weintrob

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