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Monday, 01 September 2014

Formula Student Roadshow

SPEED: The CPUT Formula Student is a recognised World Design Capital Project SPEED: The CPUT Formula Student is a recognised World Design Capital Project

CPUT’s formula-one racing car is set to be showcased at CPUT campuses and schools during the next few weeks.

The Formula Student Roadshow, which kicks off on the Bellville Campus on 4 September 2014, is aimed at recruiting students from across faculties who will start work on CPUT’s third racing car.

The Formula Student project was established in 2011 under the mentorship of staff in the TIA Adaptronics AMTL, with the aim of developing automotive and motorsport engineers in South Africa.

In 2012 CPUT made their debut in the Formula Student competition in the UK, an international event that tasks students to design and build a formula-one race car.

This year the team returned to Silverstone with a new formula-one racing car, named Prins.

The team, known as CAPESPEED, is not only limited to engineering students, but students from all disciplines are welcome to be part of the next team who will compete in the 2016 Formula Student competition.

This year the team included students from Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Public Relations, Film and Video, Hospitality, Internal Auditing and Marketing.

To catch a glimpse of Prins visit the Roadshow at the following venues:

  • 4 September 2014:Bellville Campus – Walkway at the Major Sports Hall and Auditorium from 10am
  • 29 September: Cape Town Campus –Piazza from 11am
Written by Candes Keating

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