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Friday, 22 August 2014

Anatomy and Physiology first for Emergency Medical Care programme

PIONEER: Dr Kareemah Gamieldien with two of her BEMC students PIONEER: Dr Kareemah Gamieldien with two of her BEMC students

There are many firsts in the newly introduced Bachelor of Emergency Medical Care (BEMC) course being offered at the Bellville campus.

Apart from being offered in a state of the art building, CPUT’s BEMC 1 is also pioneering the introduction of Anatomy and Physiology into the course.

This is a first for Emergency Medical Care courses across the country and is expected to completely revolutionise the training of paramedics in South Africa.

Head of Department Christopher Lloyd says Anatomy and Physiology used to largely be taught via textbooks and Powerpoint presentations which cannot compare to the practical experience of seeing tissue under a microscope.

Dr Kareemah Gamieldien is at the helm of the innovation and this week taught her very first Anatomy and Physiology course to first years in a specially designed laboratory.

At a later stage students will graduate from lab work to working on actual cadavers - another first for the course.

img-Anatomy-and-Physiology-first-for-Emergency-Medical-Care-programme-2TOP CLASS: Health and Wellness Dean Dhiro Gihwala with HOD Christopher Lloyd and staff and students in the brand new anatomy lab

“The point of a subject like this is so that the students understand how the body works. So when it isn’t functioning correctly they can understand why the body responds the way it does,” says Gamieldien.

The course is offered in a state of the art lab which is kitted out with brand new microscopes and Data Acquisition Systems which will allow the students to monitor their own pulse rates, blood pressure, electrical cardiac events and even analyze their respiratory capacities.

“For our department, it is a huge feat, since we will be the first to incorporate practicals of this caliber in the Emergency Medicine programme so we are leading the way,” says Gamieldien.

Written by Lauren Kansley

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