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Friday, 18 October 2013

Sugar Campaign goes viral

SWEET IDEA: The EMC students who are behind the innovative Sugar Campaign SWEET IDEA: The EMC students who are behind the innovative Sugar Campaign

A student project aimed at alleviating the issue of domestic violence has gone viral and garnered over 30 000 views on social media.

The second year Emergency Medical Care (EMC) students were tasked with a service learning project which required them to implement a primary health care measure aimed at stopping a social problem before it escalated into a bigger one.

EMC professionals are often the first at the scene of serious yet preventable medical emergencies and the bulk of these callouts are to domestic violence cases.

The ‘Sugar Campaign’ encourages the public to nip a potential violent outburst in the bud by intervening and asking for a cup of sugar.

One of the group members Karien Brand says the idea was initially aimed at the student residences but the Facebook campaign grew so big that it was soon picked up by mainstream media.

Lecturer Stephen Harrison says the campaign is a simple measure with very effective results.

“It has been criticised because some people may not want to get involved but there are people who do and for those people this offers a simple action that can stop a situation escalating to violence,” he says.

The campaign was launched on social media but was also accompanied by an innovative marketing blitz that saw the information stapled to a sachet of sugar and distributed to students.

Group leader Avi Hack says he was impressed by the level of interest in the campaign.

“It’s something that can keep growing and hopefully save a life,” he says.

Written by Lauren Kansley

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