Thursday, 04 March 2010

CPUT Business Faculty enrolls 30 exchange students


CPUT’s Business Faculty has enrolled at least 30 exchange students this year from various countries.

The students are registered for various programmes within the Business Faculty. The courses involved include ND: Office Management and Techology, ND: Marketing.

Twenty-one students are from Ravensburg University while two students are from Fonty’s University, which are both in Germany.

Three students come from Hogeschool Kaho St Lieven in Aalst, Belgium, while two students are from Carinthia University in Austria.

This year, two B.Tech students from Anhalt University, also in Germany, have joined the Marketing and Project Management Departments for their studies.

Ivan Charles van der Heever, Associate Dean in the Business Faculty, who is also responsible for both staff and student exchange programmes within the Faculty, originally went over to Germany to negotiate MOU’s with the partner institutions that are currently involved.

“The number of students coming to our institution has increased tremendously,” said Van der Heever.

According to Diane Bell, the Exchange Programme coordinator within the Business Faculty, staff exchanges are also regularly taking place, most recently with both Anhalt and Ravensburg universities.

“I was one of two lecturers who went and taught German students at Anhalt University in 2008. We were lecturing students who were doing the International MBA Programme, which is the only completely English programme offered at that university,” said Bell. This particular group of around 20 students which were taught by Hermanus and myself comprised 11 countries world-wide, a truly global class.

Bell said: “The experience of having to deal with other students from various countries was extremely enriching.”

According to Bell international students are “extremely focused “and it is just nice to work with them because they generally love Africa, especially South Africa, and are always positive about everything that hails from our continent”.

Each year German professors visit the Business Faculty and lecture in various departments.

This year, Prof Daniel Nicholas from Anhalt University will join the Marketing Department in February to lecture second year students for two weeks.

The Business Faculty will be sending two third year Marketing students to Belgium in order to complete their in-service training.

Van der Heever said: “In order for the programme to be a viable exchange, we need to send more students to these overseas universities.”

The Faculty usually sends two BTech students to Germany every year, but the challenge is always communication as many Germans do not speak English.

As from this year, the faculty will send students to complete a basic German course before embarking on the exchange programme.

CPUT students are required to apply to be selected to participate in any international student exchange programme. This entails them submitting a letter of motivation and a comprehensive CV. Their academic results are also taken into account as well as various other factors.

Bell said: “We try and send deserving students as there is a strong developmental component to these exchanges. Sometimes the selected student may never have flown in an airplane before.”

In October, the Faculty is sending two staff members to Anhalt University.

“My vision has always been that staff should be given an opportunity to network with colleagues abroad while students are getting an opportunity to study.

“Hopefully, we’ll create lots of opportunities for staff and students this year. Staff need to be able to broaden their horizons,” concluded Van der Heever.

By Andiswa Dantile

Photograph: Some of the students participating in the Business Faculty’s international exchange programmes.

Written by CPUT News