Monday, 22 May 2006

Shanghai interested in merger

Delegates from China’s Shanghai Municipality visited the Cape Town campus to discuss the dynamics of the merger process that took place in January 2005.

They had a keen interest in how the institution has managed the merger and would like to implement the process at their institutions as well.

Vice-Chancellor, Prof Vuyisa Mazwi-Tanga and Interim Registrar, Mr Alwyn Van Gensen were present to share their experiences with the Shanghai delegates regarding the programmes on offer and what possible changes they could make within their institution in to ensure a successful merger.

The delegation, led by Ms Yan Junqi, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai, wanted to know from Prof Mazwi-Tanga what the reasons were for merging and what impact it had on the programmes offered by the CPUT.

The delegation was interested in the programmes because out of the sixty higher education institutions in their country, only twenty provide two- and three year programmes. Prof Mazwi-Tanga explained the differences between the various qualifications offered at the University.

The delegation was impressed to hear of Prof Mazwi-Tanga’s proposal for technology to be transferred to industry. “It is important to encourage faculties to do research and satisfy a stock company where knowledge gets commercialised. The University will support them in that regard,” said Prof Mazwi-Tanga.

“We are looking to develop research to create business spin-offs to generate jobs,” said Prof Mazwi-Tanga. “We want to implement technology transfer in Shanghai. This is a challenge for managers of universities and we are hoping in the future CPUT could come to Shanghai to discuss this,” said Mr Wang Xianyang, secretary to the Deputy Mayor.

Written by CPUT News