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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Former University of Pretoria Head of Student Development to manage CPUT Student Affairs


South African higher education institutions must produce graduates of whom they can be proud of, said Sibusiso Chalufu, the recently appointed Head of Student Affairs.

Chalufu, who previously held the position of Head of Student Development at the University of Pretoria, said developing CPUT students and ensuring that they impact positively on their communities is just one of the many challenges he will be taking up.

“There is a need for change in students’ mindsets. We need to show them that there is life beyond bashes,” he said.

Chalufu, who holds two Masters Degrees in Education, said he is not opposed to students having fun, but feels that they have a vital role to play in the development of the CPUT student and broader community.

One of the first programmes which Chalufu will focus on involves the development of the Student Representative Council (SRC).

Chalufu said currently the SRC is driving political agendas and not focusing on the needs of the student community.

He said SRCs at tertiary institutions are in place to “serve students” and address their needs.

“The SRC must add value to the student community. Servant leadership needs to be inculcated in them,” he said.

Chalufu said the SRC must be involved in programmes such as fund raising for needy students or promote programmes that will add value to students’ lives.

“If we want the SRC to be involved in such programmes, then we need to train them,” he said.

With the majority of students not participating in student governance, issues relating to student apathy will also be addressed.

“Students don’t have a sense of a SRC that is there for them. The SRC must develop a programme of action. They need to go out and ask students what they want and how the SRC can serve them,” he said.

Chalufu also wants to ensure that Student Affairs becomes the centre of all student activities at CPUT.

“I want to endeavor to involve all students in student governance, culture and sport. If we can achieve this, then we would have achieved a lot,” said Mr Chalufu

Other programmes include training and development of Student Development Officers and the implementation of regular meetings with the student population.

By Candes Keating

Photo: Sibusiso Chalufu, the recently appointed Head of Student Affairs.

Written by CPUT News

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