Friday, 15 May 2009

Training kicks of at 2010 broadcasting skills boot camp


The Visual Impact Academy Boot Camp held its first training course on 23 April 2009. The boot camp is a joint initiative between CPUT. the Cape Film Commission (CFC) and Africa Soccer Media.

Students arrived bright and early on a chilly Thursday morning with much excitement and anticipation. Among these students was the first batch of previously disadvantaged individuals sponsored by the CFC, who arrived along with the others with the aim of being trained to work as broadcast assistants for 2010.

The four-day course covered a range of theoretical topics including an overview of pre-production, production and post-production; set etiquette; communication skills; terminology; and interpersonal communication. Following this the students engaged in practical training in ENG (electronic news gathering) and SNG (satellite news gathering) assisting, such as gear checks; camera and tripod set-up, camera set-up; three-point lighting; audio set-up; and cable management.

Students were taught about satellite links and were taken on a field trip to Dimension TV where an expert put theory into practice with SNG. They were also taught GPS navigation and were given the opportunity to navigate around the streets in Gardens with a GPS. One student said “I liked the practical because it is rare to have an opportunity to handle such expensive equipment”, and another said “The lecturers are energetic and passionate about what they are teaching”.

On the final day of the course the students were evaluated in the form of a theoretical and a practical test. Assessors from industry and educational institutions formed part of the rigorous practical assessment process. The students were asked to perform tasks that a typical ENG and SNG assistant performs. Those who amid the grade will be sized with a certificate detailing what they were able to do practically.

Another great incentive is that everyone who passes the course will get a chance to register on the Africa Soccer Media portal, as well as VI Academy and CFC websites, which will put them in contact with international and local broadcasters for 2010. The top 32 students are also in line to get a chance at working with major international broadcasters.

All in all the first boot camp course was a great success. One student commented: “I liked the way the lecturer made the class participate – they were very professional”, while another said that “the lecturers know what they are talking about and are well experienced, and that the course was well planned and structured – well worth it”.

The VI Academy is looking forward to its next course which starts on 7 May.

by Ashleigh Martyn, Visual Impact Academy

Photo: CPUT film lecturer Jared Borkum trains a class at the Visual Impact Academy Boot Camp.

Written by CPUT News