Monday, 15 December 2008

Teacher In-Service Programme workshop focuses on the technology learning area


CPUT, in association with local and international engineering societies, recently presented a workshop on the Teacher In-Service Programme (TISP) at the university’s Cape Town Campus.

The workshop was held in conjunction with the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE), the SA Institute of Mechanical Engineers (SAIME), the SA Institution of Civil Engineers (SAICE), the Engineering Council of SA (ECSA) and National and Provincial Departments of Education.

The workshop was held over two days and focused on the technology learning area. Delegates attending the seminar included education specialists, subject advisors and facilitators from Provincial Education Departments.

The workshop mainly targeted Grade six and seven learners, and also included other grades in the General Education Band.

Members of the engineering team who were there, and others, will also help their local Education Departments in offering educator in-service training programmes in provinces.

CPUT’s involvement was triggered by the need for more engineers and more public awareness.

This initiative came about following CPUT Engineering Faculty Professor Nico Beute’s involvement with educational activities of the IEEE since 1998.

TISP is a proven programme that helps educators by leveraging the existing engineering skills in the country towards improving teachers’ knowledge in engineering subjects.

The programme included hands-on presentations, a question and answer period and discussions on numerous topics such as the alignment of an activity with education standards.

At the workshop, volunteers developed and presented technologically oriented subject matter to educators in professional development setting.

“Since 2006, engineers together with educationalists have presented training country-wide to about 500 educators,” said Prof Beute.

During the workshop, lesson plans and materials were presented that could be used during provincial in-service training sessions for educators, who are teaching technology in the General Education Band.

Prof Beute said, “CPUT wants to promote engineering, as we want to reach out to learners so that they will hopefully come and study engineering at our institution.”

“We’ve had great support. We used our lab staff and student assistants to help at the workshop and engineering students did a great job,” added Prof Beute.

Next year, workshops will be held in all nine provinces in order to reach out to all the schools in the country and serve communities via their schools.

By Andiswa Dantile, Marketing and Communication Department

Photograph: Delegates who attended the Teacher In-Service Programme workshop take a look at the bridge they put together as part of one of the workshop’s exercises.

Written by CPUT News