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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

CPUT staff members complete Seta-accredited Business Administration course


The hard work of a group of CPUT administrators recently paid off, when they were each awarded a certificate in Business Administration.

For the past two years, administrators from various faculties, departments and units participated in the Business Administration Certificate course.

The course, which is accredited by the Services Seta, was offered by the CPUT Training and Development Department and facilitated by Siyathembana, a local training consultancy.

The course focused on developing skills in various areas of business administration, from event management to ethics.

Glenda Mathven from Siyathembana, who moderated the course, said she was impressed with the calibre of the CPUT staff members.

Addressing the administrators at the certificate ceremony, which was held on 6 November 2009 on Bellville campus, Mathven said: “I am very proud of you.”

Services Seta, who evaluated the staff members’ portfolios, was also impressed with the standard of work.

“They informed me that this is the best group of business administration portfolios they have ever seen,” said Mathven.

Beverly Dolley, an administrator in the office of the Dean of Health and Wellness Sciences, who completed the course, received the top student award.

Dolley said the course was interesting and well presented.

“It was applicable to my work situation,” she said.

Manger of Training and Development at CPUT, Thelo Wakefield, said he was proud of the group who managed to complete the two-year course, while juggling the demands of work and their personal lives.

He encouraged the group to continue participating in activities which will aid their development.

“The quest for knowledge is never ending,” he said.

Wakefield said they have developed a similar two-year course, which is aimed at the development of secretaries at the institution. This course will be rolled out in 2010.

By Candes Keating

Photograph: CPUT staff members who completed the Business Administration certificate.

Written by CPUT News