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Monday, 21 September 2009

Sport Management students bring soccer fever to Mowbray Campus


The sound of Vuvuzelas rang out on Mowbray Campus on 11 September 2009, as first year Sport Management students celebrated the upcoming World Cup with a campus Soccer Day.

The event, which was organised by the first years as part of their course’s practical component, was enthusiastically supported by students and staff from the Business and Education and Social Sciences Faculties, many of whom arrived dressed in the colours of their favourite team.

National Red Bull Street Style Soccer champion Chris Njokwana demonstrated a series of dazzling soccer ball stunts including ‘around the world’ where the player kicks, juggles and catches the ball using one foot and ‘magnets’ where the ball appears to rotate around a players head.

Njokwana invited volunteers from the audience to have a go at some street style tricks and soon students and lecturers were showing off knee taps and other moves like football pros.

“Do you think we’re ready for 2010?” shouted Sport Management lecturer Juanita Stoop.

“Yes,” screamed the crowd, waving their flags and vuvuzelas.

Njokwana, who is currently on a nationwide tour to promote the Red Bull Worldwide Freestyle Soccer Contest was impressed with the spirit of the CPUT audience.

“This is the best live crowd we’ve had,” he said.

The day’s activities continued with a goal shooting competition and a soccer tournament that featured a number of student teams as well as a lecturers’ team.

Student Anelisa Jubisa, sporting top-to-toe Orlando Pirates gear, beat some serious competition from Kaiser Chiefs supporters to take home the award for best fan.

The CPUT Sport Management Department has urged all its students to volunteer to assist at the 2010 World Cup. According to Stoop, the planning, organising, risk management, marketing and public relations skills the first years acquired by managing the Soccer Day will be essential for those who participate in the 2010 programme.

“By exposing them to some hands on event planning and organising, they will have a very small idea of the effort one has to put in order to organise a World Cup event,” she said.

“This will allow them to think critically and with innovation when it comes to their volunteer work next year.”

By Ilana Abratt

Photograph: Sport Management Lecturer Juanita Stoop (centre) and the first year Sport Management students show their 2010 spirit.

Written by CPUT News