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Monday, 27 July 2009

CPUT residences to provide affordable accommodation for 2010 supporters


Thousands of soccer fans are expected to descend on CPUT residences during the 2010 FIFA World Cup™.

CPUT recently became one of the first higher education institutions to sign a deal with Madlanduna Corporation, which will see student residences converted into temporary accommodation for international soccer fans.

Madlanduna Corporation, a Gauteng based service and investment company, is involved in sourcing affordable accommodation for the 2010 World Cup.

They are in the process of entering into similar agreements with several other South African tertiary institutions.

Temporary accommodation will ensure that soccer fans who cannot afford the high cost of hotels will have access to affordable and comfortable accommodation, in close proximity of the various stadiums.

Johhny Basson, the institution’s Residence Business Manager said: “CPUT's residences are strategically placed in order to house thousands of soccer fans.”

According to the agreement, 2 501 beds in residences across the province will be made available during the event.

Of this total, 1 368 beds will be made available at Bellville Campus, 581 beds at the Cape Town campus and 522 beds at the picturesque Wellington campus.

Basson said while CPUT stands to benefit financially from the agreement, there are many other spin-offs.

“Madlanduna is marketing the residences internationally and in that way CPUT will gain international exposure,” he said.

This agreement will also provide substantial opportunities for other businesses as the institution will require the services of additional security, cleaning and catering companies.

Basson said the institution has been approached by other agencies who would also like to enter into similar agreements.

One of these agencies is MATCH, who is also involved in sourcing affordable accommodation on a national level

Basson said: “We are proud to be part of this event and excited that we, as CPUT can contribute in this way to this prestige event.”

Mthuzi Luthuli, Director of Madlanduna Corporation commended the institution for its “visionary vision” with regards to this venture.

Madlanduna Corporation began negotiations several years ago, with the then Peninsula Technikon.

Mthuzi said the institution will be required to avail the rooms and the institutions facilities for 25 days in June 2010.

Madlanduna Corporation will be responsible for marketing the accommodation and all other arrangements, such as reservations of rooms and transport to the stadiums on match days.

“We are also looking at utilising students at an operational level,” he said.

Mthuzi said they would like to offer CPUT students involved in sport management, events, tourism and hospitality the opportunity to work with international tourists.

He said they are looking at employing students to man tourist desks at the institution and assist with the checking in of tourists.

By Candes Keating

Photo Mthuzi Luthuli, Director of Madlanduna Corporation, with Jayanthlal Bhana, DVC Operations, Johnny Basson, Residence Business Manager and Vernon van der Linde, Director of Finance.

Written by CPUT News