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Monday, 06 October 2008

Green Radio gets talking


Creating awareness about environmental issues at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) through radio is a vital part of building a sustainable institution, said one of the organisers of the new Green Radio Show.

The show, to be presented by CPUT’s environmental management students over four weeks, will focus on environmental issues affecting students’ lives.

Green Radio Team co-coordinator, Ms Leanne Seeliger, said: “We want students to see that the choices they make have direct impact on the environment. It matters what kind of transport they use or whether they leave their bedroom lights burning all day.”

In keeping with this philosophy, the hosts will focus on topics that they believe are affecting students’ choices today. These include the electricity crisis, waste management and global warming. They also plan to conduct interviews with staff and students at campus on these topics.

Commenting on the choice of global warming, one of the students Ncedo Bam said: “When I chose to study Environmental Management I had no idea that my choices affected the future of the planet.”

Environmental Management programme head, Jacob Seconna, said his department was making communication on environmental issues a priority for the students “who will have to lead the country into a better future”.

Show hosts have also been encouraged to involve more students in the show. Yolanda Tyhulu, one the hosts, said they plan to invite various individuals with strong opinions on environmental issues to come and air their views.”

For more information on the show, students should contact Leanne Seeliger on

Written by CPUT News