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Friday, 27 June 2008

Seventeen CPUT staff members receive <i>ad hominem</i> promotions


Seventeen applications for ad hominem promotions were approved at a meeting of the Senate on 2 June 2008 . These included fifteen promotions to the post of Associate Professor and two promotions to the post of Full Professor.

The group of recipients represented a wide cross-section of academic fields and included staff members from all six Faculties.

Health and Wellness Sciences promoted four staff members to the post of Associate Professor, namely Dr Johan Esterhuyse and Dr Sehaam Khan of Biomedical Sciences, Dr Tania Botha of Somatology and Dr Penelope Engel-Hills of.Radiography. Dean of Health and Wellness Sciences Dr Dhiro Gihwala, was awarded Full Professiorship.

In the Business Faculty, Dr Harry Ballard and Dr Ignatius Ferreira of Public Management and Dr Johann van der Merwe of Public Relations Management were promoted to Associate Professor. Full Professorship was awarded to Dr Simeon Davies, Head of the Department of Sports Management.

Dr Wesaal Khan of Biotechnology and Dr De Wet Schutte of Environmental and Occupational Studies were promoted to Associate Professor within the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Mr Bennet Alexander and Dr Shaun Pather were granted Associate Professorship within the Faculty of Informatics and Design.

The Faculty of Education promoted Dr Cornelis Vermeulen to Associate Professor. In the Faculty of Engineering, Dr Edward Snyders of Maritime Studies, Dr Cecilia Jacobs of Engineering: Teaching and Learning and Dr Rainer Haldenwang of Civil Engineering became Associate Professors.

Applications for ad hominem promotions were reviewed according to thorough procedures. All applications contained a CV, portfolio of evidence and motivational letter. Deans and senior researchers nominated by their Faculties gave each application a preliminary score based on the categories Teaching and Learning, Research and Leadership and Professional.

Two meetings of the Ad Hominem Promotions Committee were then held. At these meetings each preliminary score was presented and a second score was provided by a designated person on the Committee. Both scores were then discussed and used as the basis for achieving consensus on whether to recommend an applicant for promotion.

Oh behalf of the University, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Anthony Staak congratulates the new Associate Professors and Full Professors on their well-deserved promotions. According to Prof Staak,“They will have a major role to play in helping the institution achieve its vision of being at the heart of technology education and innovation in Africa .”

By Ilana Abratt, Marketing and Communication Department

Photograph: Prof Simeon Davies (left) and Prof Dhiro Gihwala (right) were among the recipients of ad hominem promotions.

Written by CPUT News