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Friday, 23 May 2008

Profile: Dr Tembeka Mpako-Ntusi, new Director of Research and Technology Promotion


""The CPUT Research Department has a cadre of experienced, motivated and dedicated research management staff assisted by a selection of diligent students that make me feel proud to be associated with this Department.” So says Dr Tembeka Mpako-Ntusi, the former Director of Research at Walter Sisulu University, who was appointed Director of Research and Technology Promotion at CPUT earlier this year.

“I would like to see this Department moving forward as a formidable force in supporting researchers at CPUT to perform at their maximum potential.”

Dr Mpako-Ntusi began her academic career as a lecturer and fieldwork supervisor for the University of Fort Hare. She had previously worked as a social worker for the Transkei government and chose to further pursue her research interest in issues surrounding the position of women in society. She was awarded a British Council Scholarship, which led to an MSc (Econ) from the University of Cardiff, Wales. She was then granted a Fulbright Sholarship, which enabled her to obtain a PhD in Social Policy from Bryn Mawr University in Pennsylvania, USA.

After returning to South Africa, Dr Mpako-Ntusi joined the Research and Rural Development Institute as a Director. She later took on the post of Director: Research at Border Technikon, which merged with other institutions to form Walter Sisulu University. Aside from her current role as CPUT’s Director of Research and Technology Promotion, she is also National President of the Southern African Research & Innovation Management Association (SARIMA).

Among Dr Mpako-Ntusi’s publications are the journal articles “The Changing Role of Women and its Effects on Community Life” (1988) and “The Impact of Patriarchy on Family Patterns and Lifestyles of Rural African Women Employed Outside Their Homes” (1999). She also regularly contributes to international handbooks on social work. The most recent of these handbooks was published by Venture Press in 2007.

In her academic life, as well as in her personal capacity, Dr Mpako-Ntusi is committed to supporting socio-economic upliftment. She serves on the boards of several charity organisations, including the Mzomtsha Children’s Home, a facility for homeless and orphaned children situated in Ngeleni district in the Eastern Cape.

“New knowledge has to be innovative and produce artefacts that can be commercialised to contribute to the economic development of the country,” she explains. “With proper leadership, appropriate strategic planning and adequate resources this Department can promote research and scholarly activities beyond research to commercialisation that has a meaningful social impact.”

By Ilana Abratt, Marketing and Communication Department

Written by CPUT News