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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Alumni generously support the first CPUT Annual Fund


In October last year CPUT launched its first ever direct appeal to all Alumni in support of the bursary fund and library development at the University. The appeal went to some 49 000 alumni throughout the world and was generously supported.

To date, over R28 157 has been raised for this fund. Ms Gillian Mitchell, the Director of Advancement, voiced her sincere appreciation to all CPUT Alumni: “We are so very encouraged by the response that we received. Our alumni responded with generosity and integrity. I join the Vice-chancellor in thanking all of our alumni for participating in this appeal.”

Ms Mitchell explained that the CPUT Annual Fund has been established as an annual fund that will continue to raise awareness of key needs at CPUT. As with all teaching institutions in South Africa, only a portion of CPUT’s operating budget is covered by the government grant and student fees. Further funding is raised from research grants and donor funding to support the key teaching and learning programmes.

“The support of our Alumni is critical for two important reasons. Firstly, the participation of our alumni in supporting our university is an invaluable acknowledgment of our success as a teaching institution. The more visible this support becomes, the more we are able to ensure that we attract entering students with potential to graduate with top honours. Secondly, the support of our alumni means that we are able to form a dependable base of financial support for students.”

Bursaries continue to be the only way in which many students are able to attend university and one of the greatest gifts that alumni can bestow is that of access to education for forthcoming generations.

Ms Mitchell went on to say that the most vital outcome of the CPUT Annual Fund is that alumni participate. “The amount of the gift is not the most important aspect. Helping us form a strong, reliable community of people willing to band together in support of our University is a much more important accomplishment.”

In this respect Ms Mitchell particularly thanked the Vice-chancellor, Professor Mazwi-Tanga; the Chair of the CPUT Council, Reverend Lionel Louw and Mr Robin Dixie, a trustee of the CPUT Foundation for their generous gifts to the fund. “I have no doubt that their generous participation will encourage many others to consider support of the CPUT Annual Fund.”

By the Department of Advancement

Written by CPUT News