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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Infrastructure developments at CPUT

INFASTRUCTURE: The next large scale building project will take place at the Mowbray Campus, which houses the Education Faculty.

Construction workers are set to descend on CPUT as the university embarks on several new building projects.

The infrastructure developments are part of CPUT’s consolidation process, which began several years ago. This process, which is funded by the National Department of Education and out of CPUT coffers, has already seen several major building projects completed over the past few years.

These developments will facilitate the consolidation of academic and support departments, which are replicated at the various campuses. It will also ensure that students and staff have access to state-of-the-art facilities, which will aid teaching and learning.

The next large scale building project will take place at the Mowbray Campus, which houses the Education Faculty.

CPUT Architect Adriana Hornea is part of the project team driving the infrastructure developments and said the building will be extended to accommodate several new lecture theaters, laboratories and staff offices. The extension will allow the Bellville based Education Department to relocate to the Mowbray Campus.

Plans are also being put in motion to relocate the Cape Town based Horticulture Department to the Bellville campus. 

Hornea said an existing building at the Bellville Campus has been identified as a suitable site for the consolidation of the department.

“This building will be refurbished for use of the department,” she said.

Several other minor building projects are also scheduled to take place at the Cape Town Campus, which will see the Business Faculty and the ICT Department take occupation of buildings that have recently become vacant due to the relocation process.

Hornea said a large number of projects were successfully completed during the previous building phase and are now in full use. These include extensions to the Bellville campus Administration and Mechanical Engineering Building and the construction of an experimental wine cellar at the Wellington Campus.

However, one of the most impressive developments yet to be completed is the Bellville based Food Technology Facility, which is the only building of its kind in South Africa.

The facility, which came with a price-tag of over R40 million, boasts several laboratories, a Functional Food Unit and a 1 500sqm multi-functional pilot plant.

The university currently boasts more than 180 buildings.

By Candes Keating

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Written by CPUT News