Thursday, 22 September 2011

CPUT lends school a helping hand

MEASURING UP: A Clothing Management student takes the measurements of a learner from the WD Hendricks Primary School.

Grade R learners from WD Hendricks Primary School are set to go down in the school’s history books thanks to CPUT Clothing Management students.

The learners will be graduating in custom made graduation gowns, made by students from the Bellville campus.

Up until now, the school, which is based in the impoverished Factreton community, has been unable to purchase the necessary garments for their annual Grade R graduation ceremony.

The initiative came about after Dr Elspa Hovgaard, head of the Clothing and Textile Technology Department and member of the Pinelands Rotary Club saw the possibilities of teaming up the two institutions in order to address the school’s need. Earlier this year the school submitted a ‘wish list’ to the club, identifying its need for graduation gowns.

Hovgaard immediately identified it as a viable opportunity for second-year students following the extended curriculum programme, to come on board and hone their manufacturing skills. With the club willing to sponsor the necessary materials for the garments, the plan was soon put into action.

As part of the initiative, the Grade R class visited the Clothing Management department earlier this month where they were each fitted for their gowns, which will be manufactured over the next few weeks.

Hovgaard said they are looking at extending the programme with the school. 

“In the future we would like to see if we can produce other garments on their wish list,” she said.

Grade R teacher Dorothy Gilbert said teachers, parents and learners are looking forward to the graduation, scheduled for November.

“The graduation gowns will add that special touch to the ceremony,” she said.

By Candes Keating

Written by CPUT News