Friday, 16 September 2011

Largest Spring Graduation in CPUT history

PRIVILEGED: keynote speaker at the Spring Graduation, Judith February, reminded graduates how privileged they were to have enjoyed a tertiary education.

CPUT's largest Spring Graduation to date, saw 724 students walk away with an array of qualifications ranging from diplomas through to Doctorates today.  In her opening address, Vice-Chancellor Prof LV Mazwi-Tanga likened the graduates' success to sweet honey and reminded them to maintain ties with the University as they leave to pursue their careers.

Strive toward lifelong learning and remember to plough back into the University, so that generations from now can also enjoy this privilege, she says.  Keynote speaker Judith February, who is the Head of the Political Information and Monitoring Service at Idasa, congratulated the graduates on their significant achievements.  "You are at the beginning of a much longer, more rewarding journey towards not only building a career and taking up the responsibilities of work, but also the responsibilities of citizenship", she says. "For the vast majority of SA, an education, especially a tertiary one like yours is an immense privilege, something they may never be able to attain or even get close to."

While February was frank about the challenges facing the graduates mentioning the high unemployment rate, poverty and rising levels of inequality in South Africa she also painted a bright picture of what lies ahead for many of them.  "And so, as young graduates you step into this unequal society with all its challenges, but also with tremendous vibrancy, opportunity and uniqueness", she says.

The qualifications in all the faculties of Applied Sciences, Business, Education and Social Sciences, Engineering, Health and Wellness Sciences and lastly Informatics and Design, were conferred by CPUT's Chancellor Dr Trevor Manuel.

By Lauren Kansley

Written by CPUT News