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A talented journalism student is proving to be a rising star in the industry, claiming a spot among the finalists of the prestigious Standard Bank Sikuvile Journalism Awards.

Advanced Diploma student Samane Junior Marks, and award-winning Daily Maverick journalist and CPUT alumna, Suné Payne, are finalists in the category Community Service Reporting.

They earned this recognition for their story: Divided and riven with discontent — a deep dive, which was published in the Daily Maverick last year.

Samane said he was humbled and grateful for the opportunities that have shaped his journey thus far. He graduated with his Journalism Diploma in April.

“My pursuit of knowledge and dedication is a testament of God’s grace.”

He acknowledged CPUT for playing a significant role in shaping his career and for the mentorship he received from academics in the Media Department.

“In academia, I was fortunate to have been mentored by two distinguished scholars who significantly shaped my character and approach to journalism. Dr Sisanda Nkoala, a published Media Studies Professor at the University of the Western Cape, formerly a Media and Design Lecturer, taught valuable practical skills that have been instrumental in my growth as a journalist. Her expertise and guidance have had a lasting impact on my professional growth.

“I also had the privilege of being taught by Dr Trust Matsilele, a renowned scholar and former politics lecturer, now a senior lecturer at Birmingham City University in the UK. He instilled in me an essential skill to navigate the industry, to have character and unwavering commitment to excellence.”

Payne, who hails from Delft, mentored Samane last year, and said it was an honour to be a finalist for such a prestigious award - “especially since it is with Samane, who is a promising journalist”.

She said she had originally wanted to study politics and saw that CPUT’s Journalism programme offered politics during the three-year programme.

“During my time studying, I was lucky enough to visit Parliament (which is down the street from our Roeland Campus building) and get an understanding of the world I was getting into. It was a great experience for me and CPUT’s Journalism Department was such a friendly and welcoming space for a budding journalist.”

She said her colleagues at the Daily Maverick have served as her mentors.

“Growing up, I used to love watching Special Assignment and Fokus - so I count incredible journalists such as Lynette Francis and Hazel Friedman as influences.”

Samane said his debut year in the industry was a hands-on, challenging experience “with an absolute drive for defending the truth”.

“I was working alongside, a talented team of seasoned journalists like Suné Payne, Velani Ludidi, Vincent Cruywagen, Caryn Dolley, and a driven editorial desk of Maverick News Department, led by the remarkable Janet Heard, who is passionate about telling impactful stories with substance. Those are industry influencers who continue to shine a light on my career. They played a significant role in shaping my career trajectory thus far. The entire Daily Maverick team has been helpful in refining my journalistic skills, fostering a keen news sense, and emphasising the importance of ethical reporting practices.“

While pursuing his advanced diploma at CPUT, Samane continues to work with Daily Maverick as a freelance court and crime reporter.

Apart from academics and his work schedule, he is passionate about football.

“I’ve had a remarkable run in the CPUT Res League, finishing third in the previous two seasons.”

The winners of the Standard Bank Sikuvile Awards will be announced on 20 July 2024.

Mandela Day not only honours the former stateman’s life and achievements but also inspires individuals and communities globally to devote their time and efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

As the heavy rain and gusty winds continued to batter the Western Cape on this day, the staff and students were excited to engage in a meaningful act of kindness that brought joy to children in low-resourced local schools such as Balvenie Primary School, Astra Special Education School, as well as The Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children.

Led by the Service-Learning and Civic Engagement (SLCE) Unit, the Community Engagement Student Academy (CESA) project group, known as The Community Connectors, groups of staff members and students visited the classrooms at these venues and read stories to the learners. The teams also delivered an entertaining programme that included the performance of a children’s story, a quiz and other interactive activities.

SLCE Manager, Jacqui Scheepers emphasised the importance of institutional projects that express the Ubuntu philosophy through action within the communities around CPUT. “The support, teamwork, good spirits, and camaraderie displayed by staff and students from across the institution and various campuses was evidence of what could be achieved in communities when there is unity and purpose,” said Scheepers.

She also quoted Tata Madiba who said: “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” Scheepers said this was displayed by the CPUT community who visited three community sites to engage in activities with school learners to celebrate the legacy of Tata Madiba and express the spirit of Ubuntu as part of CPUT’s Vision 2030.

CPUT Libraries has coordinated the drop-off sites of reading materials at all campus libraries which were donated by staff and students. Scheepers said the donation of new/pre-owned books and reading materials of all genres children’s books, CDs, magazines and many more) “contributes to the educational development of our communities”, adding that reusing pre-owned reading materials is also environmentally responsible as it reduces waste.

Scheepers stated that the Balvenie Primary School Library is a long-term project site for SLCE interdisciplinary projects in conjunction with Architectural Technology, Construction Management and Quantity Surveying, Interior Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Graphic Design departments. Industry and service-learning partner, Nadeson Consulting staff members joined CPUT at Balvenie Primary and handed over books, a laptop, and a printer to the library. They also raised R5,000.00 through crowdfunding for the library.

The school principal, Farieda Wakefield expressed her gratitude to CPUT and Nadeson Consulting for their kind donations and for engaging with their learners.

Wakefield said: “It's such a joy to see people come on board to invest in our community. One of our mottos at our school is always: This can be Elsie's River, but we don’t need to be like Elsie's River … One of our challenges is getting people on board to come and invest in our school… So the fact that CPUT and Nadeson Consulting came on board to have a library, I must say thank you very much to CPUT and other role players who after so many years want to see this project through…Thank you very much for whatever you're giving to the school, small or big it doesn’t matter what it is, we are just happy that at the end of the day, we will have a library to at least see what we can do to enhance the academic performance of our learners.” She added that the school needed more interventions to improve the dire situation at the school.

Regina Sikhosana, Branch Manager, Bellville Campus, brightened the room when she mentioned the available assistance from the library and said: “So we are going to adopt you until you graduate”.

In The Saartjie Centre for Women and Children's new therapeutic library, the Community Connectors and library staff sorted out the books, packed the bookshelves, and then engaged with the learners. Miriam Fredericks said: “Your support is instrumental in our ability to continue to provide essential, life-changing services to survivors of domestic violence and their children.”

The SLCE unit have undertaken to conduct a life skills programme with the hostel learners at Astra Special Education School in the future.

Scheepers also conveyed “a special thank you” to all the stakeholders, staff and students for their participation.

Written by Aphiwe Boyce and CPUT News

As an educational developer at the Faculty of Education, Clive Brown recently had the “profound opportunity” to attend his first international conference, the International Consortium for Educational Development (ICED) 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya.

This milestone event was both intellectually stimulating and “personally transformative”.

At the conference, Brown presented his study titled "Levers of Change within Higher Education Ecosystems in South Africa: Exploring the Crucial Role of Educational Developers during Teaching Practice. This research is the culmination of his doctoral degree, completed under the supervision of Prof Sarasvathie Reddy at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

His presentation focused on the intricate and interdependent web of stakeholders necessary to facilitate effective teaching practice placements. “These placements are crucial for developing student-teachers who often hesitate to step out of their comfort zones. I explored how this 'ecology' of stakeholders—comprising the Department of Basic Education, placement schools, mentor-teachers, parents of learners, teacher educators, and student-teachers—needs to function cohesively to ensure the success of these placements.”

In his view, the term 'ecology' refers to a set of interrelated, interconnected parts that must operate without individual agendas. “To effect change in education, these diverse systems must work together seamlessly. When these systems operate like a well-oiled machine, it can lead to profound professional learning for emerging educators.”

Attending ICED 2024 allowed Brown to share these insights and receive invaluable feedback from an international audience. This experience underscored the importance of collaboration and shared goals in achieving significant educational outcomes.

One of the most profound takeaways from ICED 2024 was the realisation that international conferences offer “unparalleled opportunities for researchers”. Brown said such events provide first-hand insight into diverse higher educational landscapes, fostering a broader understanding of how different educational systems operate. “This exposure is instrumental in reshaping and enhancing one's own educational practices, department, and institution.”

He said the conference also highlighted the critical role of educational developers in driving change within higher education. By facilitating effective teaching practices and fostering collaboration among stakeholders, educational developers can significantly impact the professional growth of student-teachers and, ultimately, the quality of education, Brown remarked.

He added that his experience at an international conference had been incredibly enriching. “It has broadened my perspective, provided new insights, and reinforced my commitment to advancing educational practices within South Africa. I look forward to applying the knowledge and connections gained at ICED 2024 to drive positive change within the Faculty of Education at CPUT and beyond.”

Brown said attending ICED 2024 was more than just an academic exercise, “it was a pivotal moment in my professional journey”. “I am excited to continue exploring and contributing to the dynamic field of educational development, armed with new insights and a global network of like-minded professionals.”

For more information about the conference and future events, visit [ICED 2024] (https://iced24.africa/).

Marine Engineering students recently leveraged their knowledge of spherical trigonometry (specifically Napier's rule) to calculate the distance between two coordinates on a sphere to better understand navigation during the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) workshop.

In this interactive session, the students learned how to use TurtleStitch to devise an algorithm. Once established, the algorithm was deconstructed to make sense of the mathematics involved and then re-constructed to understand the building blocks of algorithms.

Lecturer, Dr Ekaterina Rzyankina, said the students’ expertise will be passed on to other students they support in the nautical science programme. Rzyankina said it was the first time that AIMS applied TurtleStitch to higher education mathematics.

“The AIMS visit not only emphasised the significance of interdisciplinary education between mathematics and engineering but also underscored the innovative prowess of our budding marine engineers. Seeing the students take charge during the session was a testament to our continent's remarkable potential and talent,” she observed.

The collaboration was made possible by Rzyankina and Dr Frikkie George, who play pivotal roles in STEM education at CPUT, and Dr Sinobia Kenny from AIMS. Rzyankina added: “We didn't just talk theory. We brought it to life through cutting-edge technology, integrating coding and a stitching machine to tangibly demonstrate these complex mathematical concepts. It was inspiring to see the engagement, and it sparked curiosity among the students as they saw the practical applications of their studies unfold right before their eyes.”

Kenny stated: “With younger learners, I’ve tried teaching the innovative TurtleStitch first and then the mathematics but, this time, with final-year undergraduate students, we started with the mathematics and then constructed algorithms.”

Also, see Rzyankina’s blog at LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7193337883674431488/

The Medical Imaging and Therapeutic Sciences (MITS) Department recently celebrated a momentous occasion when it held its first-ever pledge ceremony for BSc1 students.

The event, hosted by lecturers Dr Kathleen Naidoo and Heidi Thomas, marked a significant milestone for the BSc1 students, as they prepare for their first clinical placements this month. A number of national and international speakers were invited and close to 100 students attended the event.

“When we reflected on the student journey at MITS, we felt that there was a need to bring in something that would help to remind and ground students on the importance of the profession they have chosen," said Naidoo. The pledge serves as a poignant reminder of the core values and motivations behind choosing a career in Medical Imaging and Therapeutic Sciences. It aims to act as an enabling tool, offering motivation and encouragement during challenging times, and helping students “remember who they are, where they are, and why they are here”.

The participating students represent the four key disciplines within MITS – diagnostic radiography, nuclear medicine technology, diagnostic sonography, and radiation therapy. The pledge is a formal promise that the students make to the profession, their patients and themselves as radiographers.

The day culminated in a candle-lighting ceremony where students collectively read their pledge and signed the MITS pledge book, solidifying their commitment to the journey ahead.

Reflecting on the success of the inaugural event, Thomas expressed optimism for the future, stating: "We are pleased to say that the first ceremony went well, and we look forward to hosting future pledge ceremonies."

In a significant stride towards fostering international collaboration in higher education, CPUT and Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences (EhB), based in Belgium, have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The MOU signing ceremony marked the formalisation of a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing academic cooperation, research collaboration, and student exchanges between the two institutions. Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences delegation came to CPUT to explore opportunities with the Nursing, Urban and Regional Planning, and other departments. “The purpose of the meeting was to explore how they can collaborate not only in terms of student or faculty mobility but also in research (Research Focus Area 5: Human, Health and Social Dynamics and Applied Microbial and Health Biotechnology Institute),” Manager International Relations: Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships. Dr Tasmeera Singh remarked.

Singh said the collaboration and exchange agreement that was signed on the day allows for the exchange of students and research and that the collaboration was initiated by the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The event was attended by key representatives from both CPUT and EhB, including Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research, Technology Innovation and Partnerships, Dr David Phaho, along with dignitaries from the academic and administrative spheres.

Speaking on the occasion, Vice-Chancellor, Prof Chris Nhlapo said CPUT places a premium on internationalisation. “We believe that problems are now global in nature, that’s why we subscribe to addressing sustainable development goals because problems know no boundaries and higher education do have a role to play in terms of actually addressing the sustainable development goals and other problems affecting the mankind,” said Nhlapo.

Reflecting on the occasion, Singh said: “It was a resounding success as there is a deep commitment by both parties to engage and collaborate. The goals were achieved as the MOU was signed and an invitation to visit Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences was extended to the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

The delegation was taken on a tour of the Department of Food Science and Technology laboratories where they witnessed CPUT's chocolate-making in progress and managed to sample some as well. They were also informed about the brewery and the mechanics behind making beer. “It is always the mandate and objective of the Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships Directorate to ensure that every visit is a success aligned to the objectives of the visit and CPUT's strategic focus areas,” enthused Singh.

It was also revealed that the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor will visit Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences in July to solidify the commitment of the partnership.

Many individuals perceive pool as just a recreational game – something one plays at a bar or in the man cave. However, to members of CPUT’s supa-pool teams, it’s more than just leisure. It’s a competitive sport where they can test their skills against opponents from other universities nationwide.

CPUT supa-pool men’s team recently took first place overall in the 2024 USSA National Institutional Supa-Pool Championships. CPUT recently hosted the 2024 USSA Supa-pool Championships at the Western Cape Ultimate Pool Centre, Bellville.

Sport Development Officer, Quinton Summers, who was the chairperson of the Local Organising Committee, said the venue was “a positive new addition to this event”. “Hosting the event off-campus at a community venue meant that USSA supa-pool was exposed to the community more than it would have been.”

There were six participating universities: CPUT, Sefako Makgatho University, the University of the Western Cape (UWC), the University of Limpopo, Rhodes University, and the University of Fort Hare, and each university brought two men’s teams and a female team for the five-day tournament. Summers said: “The competition was exciting, on each day the excitement in the venue could be felt.” The men’s team won the men’s section by beating UWC in the final. Unfortunately, the ladies did not make the knock-out stages but one of CPUT's players, Perseverance Mashilo was the best women’s player of the tournament.

Even though Perseverance did not make it to the knockout stages her scores in the round-robin part of the event were the best. This earned her the award. The CPUT Supa-Pool team Manager, Ricardo Geduld, and Coach, Beauren Simon worked tirelessly behind the scenes to earn the team the success and the respect they deserve at the USSA level.

The overall Women's Individual winner – Shanice Van Vuuren (UWC), made the knockout stages and won the final. Summers clarified that the scores in the knockout stages don't impact the points scored leading up to that stage of the tournament. The UWC was the winner of the women’s section. The Player of the Tournament, (men) was Kevin Martin, meanwhile, the overall team of the tournament was the University of Limpopo.

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