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18. Applicants changing matric subjects from Grade 11 to Grade 12 – how to manage this?

an style="font-size: small;">Capture the subjects and marks as per your progress report.  This means that an extra subject will be listed with ark>onark>ly a grade 11 result for ark>onark>e and a grade 12 result for the other.  You will thus have 2 subjects with ark>onark>ly ark>onark>e result while the remainder will have 2 ark>resultsark>. Select the NV level for the Grade that you have not dark>onark>e the subjectan>

an style="font-size: small;">e.g Changing from Mathematics (Grade 11) to Mathematical Literacy (Grade 12):an>

an style="font-size: small;">Mathematics:   Grade 11 mark: 7; Mid Year Grade 12: NVan>

an style="font-size: small;">Mathematical Literacy:   Grade 11: NV; Mid Year Grade 12: 5an>

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