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I get the message: "No admitted application(s) are currently available rk>forrk> selection by you. Please contact the institution with any queries".

Student will not be able rk>tork> rk>registerrk> yet due rk>tork> the Admission Status and/or student admitted rk>tork> an offering type not selected rk>forrk> rk>onlinerk> registrations.r />r />rong>Action required by Student:rong>r />rong>Step 1:rong> Check your admission status on the r rel="tooltip" data-original-title="Student Online Services - www.cput.ac.za/SOS ">SOSr> system (“Student Enquiry” > “Academic Admission Status”). Verify your admission status rk>forrk> the relevant Year and Qualification Code.  You will only be able rk>tork> rk>registerrk> if your Admission Status Description is “Unconditionally Accepted”. If the admission status is correct according rk>tork> step 1 above, then proceed rk>tork> step 2.r />r />rong>Step 2:rong> Contact your Faculty Office rk>tork> verify the Offering Type on your admission record, or alternatively, report rk>tork> the registration point at the campus.r />r />rong>STAFF SUPPORT:rong>r />rong>Step 1:rong> Faculty Office rk>tork> verify the validity of the Admission Status Code of the student on SNAPPA-3.   If necessary, update the Admission Status Code.  If the existing Admission Status Code is leading rk>tork>:  “Unconditionally Accepted”, then proceed rk>tork> step 2.r />r />rong>Step 2:rong> ARC rk>tork> check if the Cycle W rk>forrk> Year/Block/Offering Type exists and or is open (SMNT-2).  If not, update accordingly or proceed rk>tork> step 3.r />r />rong>Step3:rong> Request HEMIS department rk>tork> verify the “Allow iEnablerrk>forrk> the Offering Type on GCS-5. Student should proceed rk>tork> registration point at the campus if the Offering Type has not been selected rk>forrk> rk>onlinerk> registrations.

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09-01-2015 15:20
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